Concerns and Learning Behaviour


From time to time parents have concerns that they wish to raise with the school. At Waiharara School we appreciate the opportunity to respond to these concerns as soon as possible and therefore encourage you to contact us at the earliest opportunity.  This allows us to deal with small issues before they become big.  We view this information as an opportunity for continual improvement.  Please raise your concerns with the classroom teacher or staff member concerned in the first instance.  If you are still concerned please contact the principal.

We understand that concerns and complaints can become extremely upsetting when left or all facts are not clear.  However most can be sorted reasonably and fairly through discussion with staff.  Please make an appointment to discuss these outside of class time.  It is never appropriate to raise such concerns in the classroom, in front of students.

If you feel that the matter you wish to resolve is a complaint then the same process should be followed.  A written complaint should then be your next step.  A copy of the schools complaints policy is available upon request from the school office.

Learning Behaviour

Students and Staff enjoy great respectful, relationships at Waiharara, so it is very rare for behaviour ‘management’ strategies to be required but when it is, we take a proactive approach to behaviour management and the principles of Tika, Pono and Aroha underpin our behaviour management decisions. Students are expected to follow the schools safety and learning rules, treat others with respect and concern and on the rare occasion a problem does arise students are guided by the teacher to take responsibility for restoring the damage caused to people or property.

If your child has a problem at school that is causing concern you will be notified either by telephone or with a written notification. If behaviour that interferes with learning or safety continues or an incident causes major concern you will be asked to come to school.  We aim to work with whanau to resolve problems and willingly provide access to further services if you feel the need for greater support.

If your child has had their safety or learning compromised by someone else’s actions then we will contact you.  If for some reason you are not contacted and are aware of a problem then please contact the classroom teacher as quickly as possible.

At Waiharara School we define bullying as: To hurt or frighten or threaten someone, physically or emotionally, e.g, teasing, name calling, leaving others out intentionally, punching, kicking, yelling at, intimidating, spreading untrue stories, threatening to do things, are all examples of bullying, it is often persistent, repeated.

We will provide programmes which promote self-esteem, strong mental health and foster resiliency through the school health programme and the daily expectations at the school.  Students will have the opportunity to investigate bullying and strategies for dealing with bullying in specific programmes from time to time and as the need arises.