Duffy Books

We are part of the Books in Homes programme.  Children receive a brochure once a term and bring it home so that you can help your child select free books that they can keep at home.  These usually arrive near the end of each term and are given out at special book promoting assemblies.  Often special role models come to assembly to give them out.

These have included children’s authors and top New Zealand athletes.  We also invite local role models who promote a love of reading.  You can support this programme by spending time helping your child select good quality books and then reading them with them when they come home.

Extend this interest by taking them to the local library and role modelling by letting them see you reading too.

Duffy Books also provides gift books for ‘caught being good’.  These are given out fortnightly as part of our positive behaviour management.  Books for younger siblings’ birthdays and parent & grandparent promotions are also given out.