Enrolment and Cyber Safety

The school maintains an up to date database for emergency purposes.
Please let us know if you change addresses, phone numbers or your emergency contact person.

Enrolment Procedures 

When children begin school for the first time the school is required by law to see a Birth Certificate as proof of age. A passport may be used for this purpose. When a child is being enrolled they must be accompanied by their parent or caregiver and an enrolment form must be completed.

Information required by the School will also include the following:

  • Documentation showing which vaccines has been given.
  • Detail of medical problems which may affect learning or require special provisions being made.
  • Such information as parenthood (solo or otherwise), guardianship and where appropriated, any custody details.

Cyber Safety

We believe that encouraging appropriate use of the Internet is a shared responsibility of schools and parents.  A copy of the Cyber Safety agreement can be picked up from the school.  One part of our safety procedures is to ask you to talk to your children about our safety rules and to sign the form to show that you have read these guidelines and agree to abide by them.  Please return the signed portion to the school office.