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SchoolDocs provides a comprehensive core set of policies and procedures applicable to all New Zealand primary, intermediate, secondary, and

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It is important for student safety that you contact the school as early as possible if your child is going to be absent.  A message can be left on the school answer phone, by calling, by texting the class teacher or private message to the schools Facebook Page.  Upon return to school please provide your child with a signed note explaining the absence. If your child is to be absent from school for more than three days due to illness, a medical certificate may be requested.  The school is obligated to record unexplained absences and the school procedure is to report a continued pattern of absences to the truancy officer.

Permission from the Principal must requested in writing from the Principal for absences other than illness, bereavement or medical appointments


Accounts for any money owing to the school are sent home every three weeks. It is appreciated if these can be paid promptly. Please contact the school if there are any concerns.

Education Outside the Classroom

Outings are a very important part of your child’s education.  Trips may range from local visits and inter school visits for sports or special performances, camps or other learning adventures.  The school has very clear E.O.T.C procedures and complies with the relevant health and safety laws.  A risk analysis is completed for trips outside of school and a copy of this plan can be requested from the office.

Permission slips are sent home for these occasions which need to be filled in correctly before your child can attend these events.

We welcome parent help and enjoy the opportunity to share these experiences with you.


Our community are extremely supportive and proactive fundraisers.  Fund raisers are promoted through the school newsletter and a fundraising schedule  for 2023 will be given out at the first Whānau Hui.  Our main fundraiser will be Hangi sales.  These Hangi are successful when  many Whānau come in and support the preparation the day before. Many hands make light work.   These funds help boost resources and provided those extras we wouldn’t otherwise have.

Parent Help 

There are lots of ways that parents and whanau can assist at school.  Please let the classroom teacher know if you wish to assist in some way.  Your offer will be appreciated.  Students enjoy having whanau in their learning environment and if you wish to do this please let us know first so that we can discuss with you the procedures in place to ensure, your health and safety while on the school site, students privacy and what activities you would like to do while in the classroom so the positive classroom climate and learning is enhanced by your support.

Please be aware that the Vulnerable Children’s Act 2014 requires a safety check to be completed for core and non-core workers.

Special Needs 

We have a number of programmes planned specifically for students who require specific support with learning and students with special needs. This  includes special needs approaches like Zones of Regulation, TEACCH and support from Resource Teacher of Learning and Behaviour.

We have access to a number of specialist personnel to assist teachers with students who require specific support with learning and students with special needs.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any concerns regarding your child.


The school supplies the children with a basic set of stationery. If your child uses more than the basic set you will be advised and an account will be sent home.


Our school does not have a uniform.  It is expected that our students will wear clean neat and tidy clothes appropriate for the weather and the many activities they will be involved in during the day, safety needs to be considered where footwear is concerned particularly for students attending technology. Sun hats must be worn in Terms 1, 3 and 4.

Visitors to the School

Recent amendments to the Health and Safety Act require all persons entering a school site whether they be visitors, volunteers or contractors to be fully aware of the health and safety procedures in the school and to sign in and out at the office.  This includes parents. This procedure must be followed to protect the school’s liability and your safety.

We do not allow visitors who may casually call into the school to visit your child this includes older siblings and extended family.  Unless there are special circumstances and you have advised us of these and requested permission in advance. Any visitor on the school site without the permission of the principal will be asked to leave.  We will not allow anyone to collect your child other than you or a known caregiver without you informing us.

Should your child not arrive at school we will contact you by 9.00am if you have not informed us of the absence.  We expect you to take responsibility for your child between the bus stop and home.

Vulnerable Children

We have an obligation to ensure the well-being of children in our care so they thrive, belong and achieve.  We are committed to the prevention of child abuse and neglect and to the protection of all children.  The safety and well-being of the child is our top priority.

Section 66 of the Children, Young Persons and Their Families Act 1989 requires government departments and crown entities (including schools) to provide information, on request, to the police, CYFS social workers, and care and protection coordinators, where the information is needed to determine whether a child or young person is in need of care or protection.  Where the board or a staff member receives such a request they are required by law, to supply it.

We assure our community that we will act in the best interests of the children in our care at all times and expect that they will support us to meet these legal and moral obligations.

Waiharara Playgroup 

The Waiharara Playgroup building is currently available for community use.  Please contact the principal or office for further information.