Milk and Fruit in School 

Our school is fortunate to be part of both the Fonterra Milk in Schools project and the Fruit in Schools project.  This means your child will have access to fresh fruit and milk daily at school.  The Kick start Breakfast programme began in 2017.

Waiharara School promotes healthy eating and we are a water only school and filtered, chilled water is available to your child all day.

School Lunches and Snacks 

Lunch orders can be made through the school  at 8.30am daily.  No booking of lunches is allowed unless there is a note or parent/caregiver has phoned the school.

We request that only water is provided in drink bottles and that snack foods with little nutritional value are kept to a minimum.

Children are supervised at snack and lunch times and morning break begins with fruit.  Nutritional lunch alternatives are promoted through the school newsletter.


Sausage Roll$2.00