Our Mission and Vision Statement of Intent  

Our Mission

At Waiharara School we aim to create and encourage a rich learning environment, and provide the best possible programmes for each individual pupil.
Learning together for a better future, Whakakotahitanga e te putahitanga o te matauranga.

Our Vision

  • Confident, capable, connected, lifelong learners actively participating in their own success.
  • To provide our children with strategies to help them cope with daily life in our modern society.
  • To provide opportunities for our children to enhance their self-esteem, pride and confidence.
  • To encourage sound learning habits through the best programme for each individual.
  • To prepare students for secondary school.
  • To encourage and foster community support.
  • To encourage students to acknowledge and understand the value of work and recreation and their relationship to the land, the sea and the people of this community.
  • We are committed to student achievement and success as Māori.
  • We promote wellbeing by enacting our vision, values, goals and priorities in our curriculum and associated learning and teaching practices.
  • We align learning goals with resources, programme plans, learning tasks and assessment.
  • We value a learning environment that is safe, up to date, innovative and responsive to our students changing needs.

  • We implement a Treaty curriculum framework that ensures we effectively engage all learners in the bi-cultural context of teaching and learning in Aotearoa NZ.

  • We believe in harnessing the rich cultural capital which our learners bring to the classroom by providing culturally responsive and engaging contexts for learning.

  • We activate educationally powerful connections with whānau, hapū and iwi.

  • We provide a positive work environment that promotes professional relationships, communication and nurtures a collective responsibility to the highest quality teaching and learning.