Welcome from the Principal

Dobro došli – Nau Mai Haere Mai

E mihi ana kia koutou,

The Board of Trustees, staff, students and I warmly welcome you to Waiharara School.

At our school we are committed to ensuring our children become motivated, lifelong learners, able to take their place in the world as well rounded citizens who have the skills, abilities and attitude to contribute to an even better future for our people, place and environment.

To do this it is important we work together to support and inspire your child to be the best they can be and enjoy their learning journey throughout their time at Waiharara.

The whanau of Waiharara School are proud of what we do and what we achieve. We invite you and your whanau to join us on our exciting journey,

Nā te āheitanga, ko te taea
Nā te taea, ko te whakatutukitanga
Nā whakatutukitanga, ko te huarahi

Ability is what we are capable of doing
Motivation determines what we do
Attitude determines how well we do it

Nga mihi  |  Davene Clarke |  Principal