Waiharara is currently 100% Māori and as Māori, all of our students are priority learners therefore all of our plans and targets are set with this in mind, all consultation involves consultation with our Maori community and iwi representatives have been included in all of these events.  The aspirations of our Māori community is embedded in all that we do and is implicit in all of our plans and targets.

Waiharara currently has two classrooms operating but we work as a whole whanau often and this means that multi-level, differentiated instruction is always a priority to ensure all developmental levels are catered for in all that we do.  Best teaching practice for the multilevel nature of our learning environment is a priority consideration for professional learning opportunities.

The roll is steadily increasing.  In term 4, 2022 due to roll growth Waihārara School were able to employ a full time teacher for the Teina Room. Further developing the roll is a priority for our school and we believe the best way to do this is through offering and promoting an excellent learning place that offers exciting learning opportunities where evidence of our success is our best advertising.

In Term 2, 2022 a new principal arrived and following the board of trustees’ elections a new board was formed of both experienced and new members, all with a strong commitment to Waiharara and their children’s education.  Together they are setting a new learning direction based on student and whanau voice.

The school is part of the Far North Community Learning (COL) and although the COL is in the early stages of development.  The COL achievement challenge intends to develop the following targets.  These targets are in alignment with our school priorities and the strategic direction we have developed.